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Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Dark Tales of Japan

ok...citer ni termasuk dlm top 10 film kegemaran aku..ehehe
film ni merangkumi 5 citer dlm 1 film...which is lagenda2 seram kt jpun la..kalo kt m'sia ader pontianak ke...kt jpn lagenda spiderwomen popular...

bg aku citer ni x mmbosankn sbb diarahkn oleh 5 director berbeza!!..jd bleh lihat presentation yg berlainan..best

antara citer2 yg terdpt dlm film ni adalah:::::::::

The Spiderwoman
This is better, apparently the town of Ibaraki is being stalked at night by the mysterious Spiderwoman. A newspaper reporter and a journalist go to investigate and the results and quite unnerving and simultaneously ludicrous, if that’s at all possible.

Now you’re talking, this is easily the scariest story on the disc, no doubt due to the fact that this piece was lensed by Norio Tsuruta of Scary True Stories fame. A guy goes to visit his mate but finds the flat deserted. The landlord lets him in, only to discover that his mate has gone and taped up every single gap in his house (between carpets and walls, furniture and floor, windows, doors, you name it) with bright red masking tape. Why? What lives in these crevices? Oooh, creepy stuff, and raises the DVD's rating considerably.

The Sacrifice
As a child, Mayu saw he grandmother being eaten by big giant ghost head – no shit too, you see it in a flashback. Anyway, as a grown up, when she hears her mother is ill she returns home at once, only to find her mother chanting like a mad woman, pretty much like her grandmother did all those years ago. Neither here nor there this one, and that giant head is a bit silly.

Blonde Kwaidan
A Japanese guy goes to Hollywood and complains that all they make there are remakes of old films and J-Horror, then he goes to an apartment that he’s borrowed off a work colleague. It’s a shame he didn’t check under the bed for any dead blondes before he made himself comfortable though.

A credit card company guy steals a copy of the customer database in a daring late night raid under the security cameras gaze, and then heads off to try and meet his lover, ignoring his wife’s calls in the process. But it all goes wrong and soon he finds himself stuck in an elevator with 3 very creepy looking people who just keep smiling at him in a strange way. A decent ending actually, miles better than the last couple of stories.

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mCm pNh dEnga ctE ni~
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